Oct 26, 2009


Idea One- Secure the borders with popular support

It is time for some creative solutions to problems that appear to drag on without resolution.


First, build a wall stretching the entire border with Mexico. This would employ a lot of people for a good length of time.


The wall has enclaves every six feet or so and is wired for high speed internet. Install coin operated video game consoles and stools. The gaming revenue will fund the wall, provide eyes and ears for illegal crossing 24/7 and, if you wall legalize gambling, slot machines could be included for even more revenue.

The Wall would become a tourist destination, part Great Wall of China and part American ingenuity at work. Hotels and motels would spring up along the same route that the wall follows catering to the gamers and gamblers.  Loan companies, lawyers and bail bond companies would also thrive.

For add “protection” we could even build a similar wall at the Canadian border.


Oct 22, 2009


In these difficult times, it is heartening to  find good news in the fray.  In this case, the site statistics for MisterWriter have shown a steady growth over the past few years. As of today I am showing almost 11,000 unique visitors to the site each month. To me that is huge and I am shocked.


I’ve done some checking around, comparing other sites and local blogs. While I still have some ground to gain to catch up with Claycord.com – not that it is a goal, mind you – it seems that  10,893 unique visitors have surpassed most of the other blog sites, some touting these numbers as though akin to the tribe following Moses out into the desert. I don’t feel that way at all. I feel fortunate that anyone would want to read what I have to write. Thank you.

When I first started MisterWriter the site allowed me to vent my frustrations at inequities I saw in education.  I am not pretentious enough to claim that my ranting had any effect on the end result; nonetheless I was pleased to be a part of the changes that took place. I also met a lot of interesting people, many bloggers and many not.

MisterWriter is about expression. The first publication I was published in was called Expressionists Magazine. A prior publication I put out was called Expressions Magazine.  I believe in communication. Yes, I have my views. Yes, I am happy to argue them with you.  No, I am not always right. What I am is inquisitive. I am the writer who observes, the one who takes in the ambience and attempts to find meaning. I am the one who waits to turn out the lights before leaving the room. I do not have an ulterior motive. I just want to live my life in peace.

MisterWriter is my way of trying to find reason and order and purpose where often none visibly exists. I am not after a cult following, but I am happy that many people seem to find this interesting enough to visit or read.  I also find it interesting that for the most part people read, but do not comment. Other sites have a different clientele.

I do hope that you will let me know topics that interest you. Please feel free to email me at andre@misterwriter.com. I am interested in what you have to say, even if you do not wish it printed or posted. I will always ask you first. My interests are wide and unbridled. From religion to aliens, politics to microbiology, a dabble in theoretical physics to how to cook the best rice dish. I’m game.

Another Friday looms ahead – I find that as I get older they tend to come faster. Life is not easy. Life is not fair. Like many others I make many stupid mistakes along the way. I’m human.  But as my wife so eloquently told me tonight – often times adversity drives people apart. For us it has brought our family closer. In the end, that is all that I have of worth. And with that I am a very rich man.

Thank you for your support and reading MisterWriter.  I am very appreciative and humbled.


Oct 19, 2009


What makes people so stupid that they can blatantly avoid rules of the road or societal rules in general? Following last night's fatal accident on Clayton Rd in Concord, I watched the YouTube videos of the police stings posted on Claycord.com and was amazed at the number of drivers that sped through the crosswalk while people were crossing. This isn't anything more than abject stupidity. But it is prevalent EVERYWHERE!
There are people who consider themselves above the law. These people won't stop at red lights, so long as they do not spot a cop; instead they speed up ignoring people on the street. They have no road manners and deserve whatever they get happening to them. Unfortunately the bad things do not usually happen to them; their stupidity affects everyone else.
DSC03231 Yesterday, on the way to Apple Hill for a family outing, traffic came to a halt as emergency crews worked on a family SUV that had flipped, landing upside down on the embankment. A car had cut it off.  As traffic slowly edged past, we could see a young child on the stretcher being worked on by paramedics. It did not look promising. 
Equally mind-numbing are the numbers of people who do not apply basic common sense when walking on the street. These people wear dark or black clothing, made worse if it is night time and even worse if they have darker skin coloring that makes it difficult for drivers to spot them.  I have seen this with the added element of a rainstorm wondering just what they were thinking when they set out – if they were thinking at all.
Another favorite are those ignorant fools who cross the road and look away from traffic, almost a silent plea for someone to strike them so that a lawyer can be called in. There are huge numbers of people of such arrogance that they will saunter past cars they have caused to stop, moving as slow as they can because they have the power to stop cars from moving.
 And then there are those parents of spare children - you know the ones who allow their two year old to toddle way behind them as they cross busy roads, seemingly unconcerned whether their infant will get struck or snatched.
With the new hands free phone law I am amazed to see how many people translate this to mean hands free driving. I have seen women applying mascara while knee-steering, men shaving, and even one person reading a book.
There are still far too many people who allow their children to ride out of seat belts, and far too many tragedies where these free-floating children sail out the windshield in an accident leaving grief stricken parents who should have known better.
And the car as an extension of self has taken on new heights with the current "pimp my..." series of modifications that can turn a plain old Buick into a true pimp-mobile. Those super large wheels on elevated shocks or those miniature wheels on regular frames look equally stupid.  But not as stupid as the unbridled muffler off sounds of some piece of crap revving through the neighborhood. No doubt some hormone-imbalanced teen thinks he has the coolest ride out there.
One thing we take for granted is that life has a way of culling from the masses. The term “survival of the fittest” is no longer used because it has lawsuit potential.  We see it on nature shows – the baby elephant that wanders from its mother only to get attacked and eaten by the hungry tiger.  The whole reason for a collective of life, whether it be a city or not is that a safety factor exists in a group setting. Unless you are standing at the edge where the tiger gets you first. Its one thing when an animal in the wild knows no better. It is another when an a human chooses not to think beyond their selfish ignorance.
After all wasn't it Forrest Gump who coined the phrase: "Stupid is what stupid does?"