Jan 21, 2010


So I came across this website and a poem written by a young girl…

I need LOVE

By: Sarah J, grade 10

My dad is dead,
My mom is on Drugs.
I am sitting in a corner somewhere
and boy, do i need a hug.
I scream and shout but no one seems to listen,
maybe it's just me in the inside?
But I just cant help feeling like I am in a prison.

and I thought to myself, whenever you believe that life can get to you, there is no shortage of people who have it worse.  I have always maintained that adults are capable of sorting their lives out – have a saying that goes: ‘You can change anything in your life but death and taxes; and you can always cheat on your taxes.’  I do believe that short of a dire illness, the determination to effect change will make change happen, no matter the journey or the difficulty.  When you look back over history the major changes always seem to be “impossible” that arte effected by people refusing to accept that they could not make it happen.

For kids, however, I always feel a sadness when I read a poem like this. As the surviving child of two born to my parents (my sister died of cancer at age 10 after a 2 year struggle) I always feel for the kids that have no choice. Kids should not have to endure a tragic childhood, although of course the reality is that many do.  But to read “my dad is dead and my mom is on drugs” just pulls at the heartstrings. How can it not?

And then another with which I can identify…


By: FaMiLy, grade 7
Family is people you count on people you trust and will always be their for you, ALWAYS! so don’t let your family down.

These poems were part of a project by the Multnomah County Library. Multnomah County Library is the oldest public library west of the Mississippi, with a history that reaches back to 1864. You can read the poems HERE then tell me your thoughts.


PS: The picture is not either poet.

Jan 18, 2010


I’m not a fan of body piercings but it seems to me that the trend towards punching holes in any part of the body has gone from the extreme to the ridiculous.  Call me old fashioned – oh thank you so much – because I just do not understand the fascination with the pins everywhere. Appearance aside, just having anything hanging there would irritate the heck out of me.

At first it was the gawdy fake gemstone nose piercing with the stem sticking visibly inside the nostril and acting as a snot catcher.

Then came the tongue, eyebrows and other parts. Now I see cheek piercings and in many cases extreme cheek piercings with multiple studs that resemble bad acne when you look at it from a distance.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they woke up in circus world? Or is this just advertising for office supplies gone bad.